Die zweite Premiere auf der Felsenbühne Rathen

die Zauberflöte
Premiere für unseren Studenten am 12.06.2016


Eine phantastische Aufführung mit einer 15m Schleppe für die Königin der Nacht weit oben in dem Felsen, die 3 berittenen Damen, 3 trommelnde Knaben und eine Artistik Kindergruppe mit Kostümen aus aller Welt. Eine wunderbare Inszenierung durch den Opern Direktor der Landesbühnen Sachen Jan Michael Horstmann selber.

Dazu eine Betrachtung unserer Kursleiterin Prof. Dr. Maddison
The East Germans know—WALLS DON’T WORK. Tonight I watched our group in Germany perform their last „Magic Flute“ before the end of our course, and the Landesbuehnen Sachsen has a wonderful production. Those of you who have been following my posts have seen pictures–but I haven’t really explained that this particular staging by Jan Horstmann is also a political statement about racial tolerance and unity during Germany’s current political climate and refugee crisis. As always, there is something magical about collaborating here, and this show is no exception. The concept is that a troupe of children (from a local acrobatics school) create the work, with each child representing a different country, and with all of them working together. The multi-national cast, performing one of Germany’s greatest cultural gifts to the world, included our American program with students from Korea, China, Mexico, and African-American Paul Gamble making his European Debut as Sarastro as well as Kimberly Sandoval as second lady representing the USA’s Hispanic culture. This was a wonderful statement of hope for tolerance and diversity in our future, and an example of art being used for a very positive political statement.

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